Skid Steer & Bob Cat Rentals in Campbell River

campbell river Bobcat skid steer rentals

Many people refer to skid steers, track loaders as Bobcats. Bobcat is a popular and highly renowned manufacturer of the machine - but not the only one. The same way people call all tissues Kleenex, all skid steers are often called Bobcats even if they’re made by CASE or CAT. Our Bobcat rentals in Campbell River or skid steer rentals in Campbell River are brand new and give you a far superior experience.

Bobcat, Skid Steer Rental Specifications:

Year: 2021
Wheels/Track: Tracks
Lifting Capacity (ROC) 50%—lb (kg): 2,700 (1,225 kg)
Operating Weight: 8,270 lb (3,750 kg)
Engine Power: 74 hp | 55 kW
Light Ground Pressure: 4.2 psi (29 kPa).

How to rent a Bobcat, skid steer or Track Loader?

  1. Call 1-800-985-1246 or book online
  2. Lots of attachments available
  3. We deliver to your location or you pick up available from our rental yard (by Steve Marshall Ford.)
  4. We pick up/return when you are done.

campbell river Bobcat skid steer rentalsBobcat skid steer rentals in campbell river

Bobcat skid steer rentals are capable of assisting on projects such as:

  • Moving Earth - dig, trench and excavate materials like gravel, stone or mulch
  • Trenching - can use a variety of digging attachment options like the backhoe, trench-digger, and auger
  • Ground Levelling/Back-Filling - fill holes and level ground with buckets, sweepers or other attachments
  • Post-Hole Digging - the auger is a great attachment for skid steers to dig post holes or to drill any type of hole in the ground
  • Demolition - available with both wheels and tracks, a skid steer is great for large demolition projects but also for interior and smaller demo projects such as taking down a single wall or an old shed
  • Construction & Roadwork - from moving materials to relocating excess dirt and debris, skid steers are a staple on construction sites for a reason
  • Heavy Lifting - dig, move and dump buckets of materials into dump trucks, pickup trucks or garbage bins with this machine to ease the burden of heavy lifting

About Our Skidsteer, Bob Cat Rental Equipment:

Everything about the CASE TR270B is easy.
Easy to transport at 8,200 pounds. Easy on existing turf with low ground pressure. Easy to operate with all new controls and a new 8-inch LCD multi-function display. Easy to spend all day in with one of the industry’s widest and most comfortable cabs. And, at 74 horsepower, easy to own and operate with a truly maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solution.

Visibility and Comfort
CASE CTLs feature industry-leading visibility with a new backup camera (operational in both forward and reverse), cab-wide rearview mirror, large front and side windows, a low entry threshold for easy entry and greater visibility down to the bucket, a low sloping rear hood and 360-degree lighting. CASE CTLs feature one of the industry’s widest cabs, and new control handles provide more comfortable operation throughout the day. Redesigned controls, cupholders and air vents further create more legroom and comfort.

Optimal Control
CASE compact track loaders are available in electro-hydraulic, mechanical and mechanical hand and foot configurations. New electro-hydraulic models with the all-new 8-inch LCD multi-function display give operators the most control, with easy switching between ISO and H operating patterns, the ability to save operator profiles and application settings, and the flexibility to set total machine responsiveness to low, medium or high — or to independently set loader arm and drive response to meet exact operator preference.

Productivity and Performance
At 2,700-pounds rated operating capacity (at 50 percent tipping load), 74 horsepower and 232 pound-feet of torque, the TR270B is a powerful, compact and efficient performer. Standard (3,050 psi and 24.2 gpm) and optional high-flow (3,050 psi at 32.4 gpm) auxiliary hydraulics make the TR270B excellent for a broad range of attachments and applications.

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